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    The website (“Site”) has been put into use by “Krank Information Technologies Limited Şirketi” (hereinafter referred to as “Rezervem”). All natural or legal persons (“User”) accessing and/or using and/or benefiting from the Site are required to carefully read the texts of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (“Policy”), which are valid for any use of the site.

    By reading this Policy, users accept that the necessary information about the use and information sharing within the scope of the Site is provided to them in accordance with both the regulations (Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098, Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, etc.) under Turkish Law and the general ethical principles. As Rezervem, the protection and confidentiality of the information you provide is of great importance to us. Due to the many opportunities and risks offered by the Internet, we would like to inform you about the following issues regarding the protection of your information regarding the use of our Site.


    Site users accept and declare that all commercial and/or personal information ("Information") that they share with us within the scope of the Site or otherwise with their explicit consent is their own, accurate and up-to-date. In the event that the information in question belongs to another third person or institution ("Third Parties"), Rezervem will accept that the user shares this information of third parties with Rezervem as a result of the necessary information and consent in accordance with the relevant Law and legal regulations and we would like to inform you that we will not accept any legal and / or criminal responsibility.

    As Rezervem, we will provide you with gradual information within the scope of your information collected on the site, in accordance with the relevant Law and legal regulations, and provide detailed information on the legal reason for keeping your information, the purposes for which we use your information, to which persons and/or institutions we transfer it. Reserved in no way obtains your personal data of special nature.


    The legal owner of this Site is Rezervem, and the legal rights of the content and/or various items within the scope of the site belong to Rezervem in some cases and third parties in some cases. Any copying, unauthorized taking or imitation of the content or elements of the Site is prohibited on the basis of the relevant legislation and is subject to the permission of the legal right holder.

    The site contains links to third party sites. Rezervem declares that it does not accept any responsibility or liability within the scope of the site and / or content belonging to third parties and cannot be held responsible for any damages that the user may experience as a result of them. Reserved does not control the linked third-party websites and does not audit their privacy statements. If you visit the 3rd party website via the link from, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of the relevant sites separately.


    Rezervem may change this Policy, any legal and/or other text, any technical element, content or feature contained within the scope of the site at any time. All kinds of changes in question will be deemed valid upon their publication on the Site, and it is the personal responsibility of the users to make the necessary examinations and readings regarding these changes, and Rezervem does not have any legal and/or criminal liability in this context.

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